Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Production Design / Story Pitch : Nadia's Slave

In our collaboration group, we decided to work together as a brain trust : encouraging eachother in development of individual projects. Here is mine: Special Thanks to Nate Stout, Todd Muno, Andy Griffin, Brandon Wainwright, and Rebecca Wiser.



  1. SCott,
    how wonderful to see your work again. Your creativity and imagination never cease to amaze me. i love the story and the sneeze disease. No criticism, except maybe the Christian looking prayer pose. i love your illustrations have you thought of illustrating books?

  2. Thanks so much, Debi. With the prayer thing, I orginally thought it a natural turn for him, since he is slave to a goddess, to pray to someone else. I didn't want things to look exclusive to one religion though, so I'll have to rethink that. Thanks again.

  3. What an interesting story--I like it! Great job on the illustrations and good luck on pitching it. You'll have to let us know what comes of it all. Great job to Wainwright as well! :)

  4. That was fabulous! I loved it! How talented you are.