Storyboarding Portfolio

Hello and thanks for taking a look at this in-progress portfolio. At the moment, I'm currently pouring all my energy into pushing my demo reel to greater heights. So, what you see here is simply the beginnings of a goal : Once I am more established as an animator, I want to create a story portfolio up to par with my animation skills. Within the next few years I will be replacing the following samples with better and better work.

Nadia's Slave visualization & story beat boards:

 Bubble Trouble Conceptualization & Storyboards:

Single panel stories using scanned drawings & Photoshop:

Previsualization for my National Broadcasting Society award winning film, Creative Hat:


  1. Thanks for your feedback, Sam. I'm made adjustments and will continue to alter things per your feedback! See you around!

  2. Hi Scott, Just checking out your work after seeing your comments on paper wings. Nadia's Slave boards are fantastic, I like the "sneeze frame where his hands grow!! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks, Tegan. Having shown this work to alot of professionals, I know I have potential in storyboarding - And once I've gotten back into a studio from all the work I'm putting into my demo reel, I'll put more energy into exploring many new story horizons!