Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Character Animation Demo Reel

Check out for the newest version:

“Scott's positive attitude, creativity, and speed impressed me when I worked alongside him, as his Lead, on Alvin 3. He was open to criticism, and eager to learn as much as he could. He, like other apprentices, joined Alvin 3 late in the project. Scott was able to learn the software, learning the rigs, create appealing animation, and finish his work on schedule.” 
                                                  Burke Roane - Lead Character Animator, Rhythm & Hues 

FYI : Currenty polishing all personal shots, with a new shot coming soon.


  1. Hey Scott, good meeting you at ctn. keep up the good work nice blog!

  2. Amazing! Scott your animation looks great! I've dabbled in animation just enough to make a complete mess and realize how much there is to know. Your stuff looks natural and fluid, but still acted upon by gravity. I envy for your skills! Maybe someday you can give me a few pointers. I hope all is goin well for ya, laters.

  3. Scott that is amazing! Your a natural. Animation is something I couldn't begin to touch. I know just enough to be truly humbled. All my best!

  4. Great work on the new piece with your name. Amazing! I like what you have going so far. Keep it up!

  5. WOW! Just WOW! Amazing talent, Scott! This Reel is amazing...You've got a real knack for bringing characters to life!

    1. Thanks a ton, Lee. I feel I have so much still to learn and animate, so it's great to hear this kind of encouragement from time to time. There's definitely more to come!

  6. A big thanks to everyone above who commented. Because of your support, I am able to keep pushing forward and climbing upward. See you soon.